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a Red Green impression for Halloween

I’ve been a fan of the Red Green Show for many years, since I watched it on PBS in 2002. It’s a Canadian comedy show with a goofy and sometimes old-fashioned sense of humour. The titular character, Red Green, is perhaps the world’s least refined handyman, but he would tell you that refinement is for chumps, anyway, except where oil is concerned. The rest of the ensemble cast is an inventory of the many stereotypes of Canadians and middle-aged men - a miserly general store owner in a miserable marriage, a lonely forest ranger who hallucinates that he can talk to beavers, a government employee who plays golf all day on the tax-payers' dime, and many more.

I decided that I wanted not only to dress as Red Green for Halloween but also to write and record my own short joke as the character. For 40 days I’ve grown a beard and brushed up on my Canadian accent for this gag. Enjoy!

Here is a clip from the real show for comparison.

And here is the entirety of my very favourite episode, the first one!

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